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The Digital Experience Analytics Solution loved
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Bringing all your teams together to reach your eCommerce goals

This is where data analysts, ecommerce managers, marketing managers, and UX designers meet to make high performing webstores.



Air360 gives you the power to turn more users into loyal customers, with actionable insights, whether you feel comfortable with numbers, or not.

I’d love my brand to beat the 2% conversion rate 


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Congrats! You’re a conversion rate hero. But conversion optimization is a continuous effort!

If you need a solution that can align all your company’s stakeholders around your performance goals, check how Air360 can help you go beyond!

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What ROI can you expect with Air360?

Find out how much additional revenue you can generate  in the next 12 months

Air360 gives you the power to turn more users into loyal customers, with actionable insights, whether you feel comfortable with numbers, or not.

Reduce friction

Quickly detect
purchase obstacles

Increase conversions

Personalize journeys
by segments

Improve loyalty

Reach out to your customers
at the right times

What makes us special

Synergetic features provide actionable insights

Features that make for seamless UX

Air360 simplifies data collection
Our tagless auto-tracking technology captures every single user’s (no user sampling) clicks, scrolls, mouseovers, and more allowing you to understand how users engage with all your web store elements.

In addition, Air360 can identify users, track transactions, errors, and user and custom properties with a simple configuration through your tag management system, without the need for IT support.

Worry-free data collection so you never miss important information.

Air360 gives you full user visibility

We are an easy-to-use conversion rate optimization platform that enables you to make the best use of your web store data, with granular and retroactive visibility.

Our Click & Name technology allows any data or business team to define a variety of events like clicks, page views, and errors.

Define powerful behavioral segments based on event type and apply them to any of the analysis features to get a more accurate understanding of your users.

Air360 gives you the insights you need to improve your conversion rate
Air360 provides a synergetic set of UX analytics tools that let you visualize and understand the frictions and obstacles that prevent your users from purchasing your products.

Custom dashboards, reports, and funnels help visualize trends. Custom sunburst let you understand your users’ main paths and patterns during their journeys. Uncover friction with our unique on-page analytics widget.

Validate your hypothesis with smart session replays to get to the root cause of the conversion rate drop.

Air360 lets you turn insights into actions to streamline or personalize the user journey

Data has no value if you can’t do anything with it. Our open data approach allows you to extract Air360 metrics, users, or segments and push them to any of your marketing or tech tools.

Air360 lets you either connect your solutions through our out-of-the-box integrations or extract data the way you need it.

Push segments to personalize your experience or to give frustrated users a second chance. Push metrics and users to enrich your digital ecosystem with behavioral analytics data to learn more about your customers.

Leading brands choose Air360 to increase their conversion rates